About Kate

Kate originally completed her farrier training at the Oklahoma horse shoeing school in 1998 where she learned how to forge her own shoes and trim. Her motivation for taking this training was because she couldn't find a farrier who could keep a shoe on her horses. About 3 years later Kate was attending a clinic put on by Dr. Strasser from Germany who was an advocate of the barefoot trim. Kate wanted to prove her wrong so she went to the auction and collected 4 cripple horses and some donated animals to see if Strasser's methods would be successful. Kate was surprised by the results but feels the "proof is in the hoof". In addition to her farrier training, Kate also has her trainers license for horse racing. Her primary goal was to prove that a horse could be successful with fewer injuries racing barefoot, but know one would train for a barefoot horse. Kate has had several wins and found that there horses had less injuries, and more stamina and longevity in their careers.


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  • Rehabilitation and boarding
  • Specialized trims
  • Consultations on "Pasture Paradise" and paddock development
  • Farrier training and barefoot certification program
  • Books and video series on equine wellness, horsemanship and the Barefoot Trim
  • Workshop Series, "Horse in Hoof" which focuses on basic horsemanship skills and how to relax your animal while also teaching you how to read your horses body language and what they are trying to tell you, "Trim your own Horse" a 2-day introduction into how to maintain a healthy hoof complete with anatomy and hoof dissections and Farrier Certification level training including an apprenticeship program.


Amanda Gray

Horse owner, rescuer

I met Kate shortly after acquiring my first rescue, a humane society seizer who had such a distorted club foot (whether by genetics or injury) that she walked on her hairline. Lady's story was a sad one that was shaping up to be a tragedy. After consulting with a number of equine hospitals and farriers this sweet albeit terrified 6 month old was unanimously recommended to be euthanized. I was told it would be cruel to do otherwise. The idea that this kind hearted and mischievous youngster would only know a life shaped predominately by abuse was more than I could bare. I phoned a childhood friend of mine to vent about my devastating situation and she told me, "Amanda I want you to get down on your hands and knees and pray on that horses hoof. Say in the name of Jesus you are healed." I was skeptical and felt more than a little stupid but I did it. I was given Kate Romanenko's number the very next day. I'm pretty sure I bawled the entire conversation and I'm still not quite sure how she understood me, but Kate made a 5 hour drive one way the following day to see Lady on her day off. A week later she drove down with a trailer to bring her back to her farm to start full rehab. Kate's holistic approach and specialized trim saved my house and I have the x-rays to prove it. It took a little over a year before Lady could come home, but now she is the most spirited horse on the trail.

Irene Cambell

4-H Leader, horse owner

I was introduced to Kate by a lifelong friend. I will never be able to thank her enough for that blessing. I have a mare with sacroiliac issues and Kate's trims have been able to keep chiropractic treatment to a minimum. Without the proper trim, my mare's feet exasperate the SI issues and costs me hundreds in extra treatments. I have not been able to find anyone that can keep my mare in the great shape Kate has; she is truly gift to horses.



To inquire about availability, upcoming workshops, and more, please Email Kate at romanenko.equine@gmail.com

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