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"Proof Is In The Hoof"

About Kate

Kate originally completed her farrier training at the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School in 1998 where she learned how to forge her own shoes and trim. Her motivation for taking this training was because she couldn’t find a farrier who could keep a shoe on her horses. About 3 years later Kate was attending a clinic put on by Dr. Strasser from Germany who was an advocate of the barefoot trim. Kate wanted to prove her wrong so she went to the auction and collected 4 cripple horses and some donated animals to see if Strasser’s methods would be successful. Kate was surprised by the results but feels the “Proof Is In The Hoof”. In addition to her farrier training, Kate also has her trainers’ license for horse racing. Her primary goal was to prove that a horse could be successful with fewer injuries racing barefoot, but no one would train for a barefoot horse. Kate has had several wins and found that their horses had fewer injuries and more stamina and longevity in their careers.

Kate Romanenko

My goal is to help as many horses as I can, and the best way to do that is to educate others. I am passionate about teaching and helping people to learn how to improve the care of their horses. I am certified by the Canadian Farrier School and I also have my trainers license for horse racing. Horses are my life and I want to continue to educate others to help as many horses as I can.


Kate’s teaching is not limited to one specific method, but instead encompasses aspects of many different trimming techniques. Kates’ Motive is to teach the internal structures of the hoof, as well as trimming to enhance and promote natural hoof mechanics based on wild horse studies.

From sore, to saucy: Miniature pony Waymore on the mend after serious hoof problems

You may have spotted Waymore the miniature pony strutting down the street in the popular Mount Pearl Anthem video, but not so long ago, it looked like she'd never strut again. Waymore's hooves have grown in incorrectly, making it difficult for her to walk unless it's quickly fixed; without special attention, the result would be lameness.

"Proof Is In The Hoof"

Kate Romanenko

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Kate's Workshops

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Rehabilitation & Boarding

Taking care of a horse after an injury or surgery isn't easy. Horse owners often don't have the training or experience for horse rehabilitation to make a proper recovery.

Farrier & Barefoot Certification

Learn how to trim your horse's hooves and maintain proper hoof management. If you want to get rid of farrier costs for your own horses or learn more about horse hoof health, these courses are for you.

Specialized Trims

Providing shoeing, trimming, and corrective services in the Kincardine & Bruce County area. Providing a gentle and positive experience for your horse.

Books & Video Series

Are you looking to gain a further understanding of how the hoof works? Then you have come to the right place.

Pasture & Paddock Consultations

Consultations on "Pasture Paradise" and paddock development.

Workshop Series

"Horse in Hoof" which focuses on basic horsemanship skills and how to relax your animal while also teaching you how to read your horse's body language and what they are trying to tell you.

Trim Your Own Horse!

A 2-day introduction into how to maintain a healthy hoof complete with anatomy and hoof dissections and Farrier Certification level training including an apprenticeship program.

Hay, Why The Long Face?

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